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Our Three favourite international festival memories

Festivals around the world are the best place to make those lasting memories.

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It’s impossible to come home from an international festival without a head full of memories. Even if it’s been raining all weekend, surrounding yourself with friends, music and an incredible amount of laughs is never a wash out. Here are some of our favourite moments that sum up the global festival experience. These are absolutely the best things to capture and share, and relive for years to come.

Singing in the rain

Even abroad, sometimes the heavens open. It’s inevitable. Far from dampening the mood though, it’s the perfect opportunity to don those matching ponchos and to distract yourself with music that you love. Everyone’s soggy but everyone’s happy. And as that chorus kicks in just as the clouds break and a single ray of sunshine lights up the main stage… well, there’s nothing quite like it. The photos on our phone sum up the soaking wet joy.

Texting the festival radio station

At a stateside rock festival, the designated radio station is pretty much going to play back-to-back rock. But sometimes you just want to hear Annie Lennox, so you and your friends, crammed into one tent, message the presenter over and over to demand Walking On Broken Glass. After the 17th message, they finally acknowledged us with a resounding “no”. To this day, we still send voice messages of that intro.

Sunsets and sunrises in Spain

There’s nothing quite like a huge superstar performing on the festival main stage as the Spanish sun sets over the blue ocean. It makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up every single time. At moments like that it’s best to turn the phone towards the sea and video call those who couldn’t make it, as it’s definitely something not to be missed.

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