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Sing-a-longs, magic and mystical creatures: Minimasters visit The Snow Dragon

I got to see the magical Snow Dragon this Christmas and learn all about winter songs and animals in the woods. It was amazing! Here’s why I had so much fun.


Charlotte, 3

“I liked The Snow Dragon very much as it was funny and my little brother liked it too.  At first I was a little shy and I didn’t want to join in, but then I really liked it.  There were lots of songs and my favourite bit was joining in with the singing and clapping with the other children.

I liked the piglet the best, she was very funny and I laughed when she threw mud!  The snow dragon was very pretty and magical and I want mummy and daddy to take me to see The Snow Dragon again.”


I loved the show so I drew some pictures of my favourite things from it. Here’re my pictures of Billy the goat and the snowdragon with its super long tail.

image image (1)


Take your tots to see the wintery magic of The Snow Dragon and get your tickets now. The Snow Dragon will be at St James Theatre until 4 January 2015.