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Minimasters visit the Natural History Museum ice rink

We were lucky enough to visit the Natural History Museum’s new ice rink last week to have a skate and check out all the lovely Christmas lights, here’s how we got on.


Lillie, 12

“When we first arrived, we walked down the path and were greeted by an amazing little Lindt chalet where we were allowed two free Lindt teddy bears.

We went inside and got our skates on.

We hobbled outside again and got on the ice. I was really anxious at the beginning. Now, I can’t quite remember why I was so scared but I think it was something to do with falling over.

I clung to the penguins for dear life but after the third time around I was better. My younger sister, Maisy, sped past me with no penguin, which annoyed me a bit but it was still really fun!

Afterwards we went up to the restaurant and had some mini meals, which were really nice.

All in all it was a great evening!”

Ben, 8

“When I got my ice skates I thought I would fall straight away but I knew there would be a penguin that I could hold on to. I named my penguin nugget…

DSCF2782 DSCF2797

When I got on the ice I got nugget and swish! I was going. It was like doing the conga just with a (not real) penguin. I thought I was going to fall but I didn’t fall at all. It was sooo fun!

I nearly bought one but then I thought again as they probably will be very expensive. Hmmmmm

I don’t want one anymore.

Afterwards we had some yummy food and went off back home.”

Maisy, 10

As soon as we first arrived we were overwhelmed with such beauty of the ice rink. The ice was glimmering like stars. We passed a Lindt chalet where we got given two free Lindt chocolate bears, as well as that we had our picture taken with me and my 8-year-old cousin Ben looking like Lindt bears and my 12-year-old sister Lillie was Father Christmas!


We ran in excitement to get our skates! I was so excited at that point of the day! At this point there were some experts on the rink, showing off with some pirouettes and leaps it was so impressive!

After getting our skates on and tightened we went on to the rink…the first time round I needed to hold on, I’ve not done ice skating for ages!!! The second time and all times after I was brave enough to not have to hold on although there were times when I had to hold on just in case I was about to topple over, however I surprisingly did not fall over once!!! There were lots of trips and tumbles all around us and sometimes they were even adults who had fallen over!!!

DSCF2775 DSCF2788

My mum kept on asking me to come off and have a snack and a drink but I was constantly saying “one more, one more!” I think I might be addicted to ice skating!!!! It was such a fun time!! After I had given in my mum and I went to the restaurant area and I had a cupcake, a drink and some chocolate!!! We had such a fun day and it will be one I will remember!!”



By Lillie

Ice skate

Maisy picure

By Maisy

Ben picture

By Ben





















The Natural History Museum ice rink is open now until 4 January. Find out more info and buy your tickets here.