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London Tech Week Staff Profile: Jo Franchetti

It’s the final day of London Technology Week! All week we have been introducing you to the superstar tech folk behind-the-scenes at Ticketmaster. We hope you’ve enjoyed a snapshot of what it’s like working for the world’s leading ticketing company and one of the top 10 e-commerce sites globally. Our final profile belongs to…

Jo Franchetti, Front End Engineer

joanne F

What is your title, job role and tenure at Ticketmaster?

Front End Engineer with Live Nation – I’m working on the new responsive Live Nation website.

What is it like working at Ticketmaster?

I joined Ticketmaster about two months ago, it has been a whirlwind of learning new technologies and techniques from day one. The people on my team really know their field, be it front end, back end, design or QA, and have been great helping to get me up to scratch and to fit into their Agile process. They’ve been training and mentoring me from day one and are always able to offer support if I’m stuck with a new concept, of which there are many! The team are constantly sharing ideas to get problems solved. Even as a new starter, I was involved and productive on the project.

What’s your day-to-day job like?

Typically I’ll start my day by picking up a ‘story’ this will describe a piece of functionality to be built for the website. My job is to consult with the designer on the user experience of this functionality, to make sure the site is as pleasant to use as possible, and to build its ‘front end’ (the bit that user will see and interact with). I use HTML, SCSS and JavaScript to this end. LNDT always start the day with a Stand Up meeting in which we go over what we achieved the day before, what we plan to do today and what, if anything is blocking us from getting that done. This allows each team member to know where the project stands and what needs doing. Usually there will be a lot of collaboration between me and the other two front end engineers to make sure that we’re all satisfied with the user experience of a piece of functionality, the techniques being used to build it and that it is being built in an optimal way.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

The unreal amount that I’ve learnt about web development, even in two months, and the constant support and training that I receive from my team members. Every day I feel like I’m improving, it is what I’ve always wanted from a job.

What’s been your favourite gig/show/event?

Live Nation gave me free tickets to Download festival last weekend and it was just incredible. Even though it rained the entire time, we just danced our way through the quagmire. So many bands checked off the ‘to see’ list! Evil Scarecrow were definitely the highlight, the self-styled ‘Blue Peter of Metal’.

What advice do you have for people who want to work in your field?

The field moves so quickly, there is always a new framework, a fashionable way of writing your code or a new tool to use. Try not to get overwhelmed, get your basics down (your html, css and javascript) and then you can start building on a strong foundation. For me, the best way to learn is to do. Come up with a website or piece of functionality that you want to build and just give it a try. The most crucial thing I can say is don’t get put off if a project goes wrong, or you feel like you’re stuck, ask for help. There are many networks of front end developers and a wealth of knowledge and support available on the internet. Find a local meetup or online group and ask questions, share your work and contribute to theirs.