Richard Herring raises money for IWD

The comedian launched a campaign on International Women’s Day for charity.

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Comedian Richard Herring has raised a whole lot of money – more than £138,000 (at our time of press)! Yesterday, as part of International Women’s Day, he started a JustGiving page with proceeds to benefit Refuge, a charitable organisation supporting women and children against domestic violence.

The way Herring has been generating donations is hilarious. In the past, he’s noticed on Twitter that some men use International Women’s Day to complain, with comments like “Why isn’t there an International Men’s Day?” And there actually is an International Men’s Day – it’s held on 19 November.

So Herring vowed to respond to all of those men who’ve bemoaned that fact and educate them – as well as ask them to contribute to the domestic abuse victims’ charity.


Below are just a few of his funniest responses. You can read them all by visiting his Twitter page.


The Yorkshire-born comedian, who starred in Fist of Fun and This Morning with Richard not Judy, is known for his fantastic stand-up. Herring is out on tour until 3 June 2018 with Oh Frig, I’m 50. The latest instalment in his once-a-decade examination of ageing, it follows on from his Oh F***, I’m 40! tour.

Don’t miss out on a gut-busting good time – tickets are on sale now via And to make a donation to his IWD campaign in support of Refuge head here.