Review: Tim Vine @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

He's sold out his Edinburgh Fringe run with Sunset Milk Idiot.

The first time I saw Tim Vine was on TV, as he walked out on stage at Live At The Apollo with half a football sitting on his head and the opening line; “Good evening. I don’t know why but I keep getting my head kicked in.” That was it, I was in stitches! So, when I got the opportunity to see his new show, Sunset Milk Idiot, at Edinburgh Festival Fringe I jumped at it.

It’s easy to mistake Vine’s talent as being solely in one-liners. He of course is one of the best at this, but it’s his use of props, songs and audience participation that makes him truly unique. And Sunset Milk Idiot does not disappoint. Full with ridiculous interludes of wittily crafted songs between his classic one-Viners (reckon this could catch on?!), we see Vine at his best.

It may seem obvious to say that Vine does not take himself too seriously, especially when we walks out at the Cabaret Bar in Pleasance Courtyard with a Mr Whippy ice cream and chocolate flake aloft his head and proceeds to make a barrage of ice cream related jokes. But it’s this exact tongue-in-cheek approach that makes his crazy show the perfect escape from the harsh realities of this world, even if just for an hour.

Tim Vine’s Sunset Milk Idiot is completely sold out at Edinburgh Fringe until 27 August, but don’t worry, this feels like a show we can expect to see on the road soon.