Review: Simon Amstell @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

He prepares for his What Is This? UK tour at Edinburgh Fringe.

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Simon Amstell steps out on stage at The Grand in Pleasance Courtyard to a warm Edinburgh Fringe welcome and in return, treats us to an hour of his new show, set to go on tour around the UK from October 2017.

His first remark that’s received with loving appreciation is in reference to his long hair, which now sits off his shoulders; as comedian and audience both acknowledge Amstell’s absence from our stages in recent years, and the fact that we’re all extremely glad to have him back. However, this is a slightly humbled version of the ex-Never Mind The Buzzcocks host. The razor-sharp sass and bitter exterior has slightly softened around the edges and Amstell appears to be content, possibly even happy.

As he discusses subjects such as what it’s like for a young gay man from a Jewish upbringing to accept who he truly is, his sexual relationships old and new, and even his recent discovery of a certain recreational drug, the audience can’t help but want to embrace the man bearing his soul on stage.

But don’t be fooled, the Amstell of old still catches you off guard with hysterically inappropriate comments. Amstell has further cemented his own brand of comedy that translates into a brilliant live show.

Simon Amstell: Tour Previews (Work in Progress) at Edinburgh Festival Fringe is already sold out, but you can catch him on the road as he tours What Is This? from September 2017. Tickets are available through