Review: Milton Jones @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The master of puns takes to Edinburgh's Assembly Hall.

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Overlooking part of the city and nestled below the iconic castle lies the imposing Assembly Hall, one of Edinburgh’s most breathtaking buildings, and home to some of the Fringe Festival’s biggest acts. King of puns and snappy one liners Milton Jones is presenting his Out There show to the masses.

Part insight into his frantically hilarious mind, it’s also a short exploration of British politics… without going too heavy on the politics.

During the hour show, Jones dabbles in unusual policies, before accepting that he’s perhaps not the right man for the job. Although if he was, the nation would be led by sheer humour and one notable quick wit.

Milton Jones’ rebuttals are sharp and on the nose. He subtly mocks one revellers unusual laugh (unusual laughs are largely the name of the game here), while offering the opportunity for crowd participation. He quickly turns the occasional heckle (some of them better than others) into big laughs.

Outside of politics, he touches on the futility of his own existence, his childhood, and obscure dreams. They all provide a platform for a considered barrage of quick-fire laughs. At his best, the jokes take a moment to settle in as laughter ripples around the room. It is in these moments that Milton Jones truly excels, and you can see the joy on his otherwise stern face.

Together, the instant hilarity and the slow-builders combine into a brilliantly unique show; a demonstration of a mind that has considered it all, taken a step back, and just laughed.

Milton Jones performs at the Assembly Hall at 19:30 throughout the Fringe. He then takes his show on the road across the UK, with tickets available through