Review: Matt Richardson @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Richardson brings Slash to the Fringe.

Matt Richardson warns us that things are going to get crude. It’s not surprising considering the theme for Slash, his latest collection of material for Edinburgh Fringe. In it, sitting on a stool and reading from a handcrafted book, Richardson reads extracts from slash-fiction, predominantly written about him and Harry Styles. Not sure what that is? Don’t ask your mum.

Richardson jumps between these unusual storytelling sessions and more typical stand up comedy, or at least as “typical” as Matt allows. Whether simulating sex-acts or discussing a particularly uncomfortable late-night moment with his girlfriend, he does so with a boyish charm. His own chuckle is on display as much as the audience’s big laughs. He’s clearly having a lot of fun, as are we.

References to his other work, namely the Xtra Factor and radio, are minimal. Instead it’s a brilliant insight into his thoughts, and his many distractions. You’ll come out knowing far more about the world, things that perhaps you didn’t realise you were unaware of. More so, you’ll leave with a smile as big as Matt Richardson’s, and that’s quite something.

Catch Matt Richardson at the Gilded Balloon Teviot at 21:30 until the 27 August 2017.