Lee Nelson: Best Pranks Ever

We take a look at the comedian's best pranks

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One of the UK’s most famous pranksters, Simon Brodkin – AKA Lee Nelson – has just extended his UK tour to *ahem* “cover legal fees for the Theresa May P45 stunt”.

So, we thought there was no better time to take a look back at some of his best hoaxes. Over the years, he’s taken on everyone from prime ministers to Kanye. Bold man. Here’s some of our favourites…

Theresa May P45 Stunt

His most recent and – apparently – most expensive prank to date, Lee Nelson interrupted Theresa May during her keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference in October 2017 by handing her her P45… Ouch

Prankster interrupts Theresa May's conference speech to hand her fake P45

Kanye West

Back in June 2015, Lee Nelson found himself on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury during none other than Kanye West’s set. Wearing a Lee-zus T-shirt, he tried rapping with Kanye and shouted that he wanted to “give him a hand”. Some people loved this, others were just annoyed he interrupted the American star… Take a look below and decide for yourself

KANYE WEST - GLASTO STUNT | Simon Brodkin CRASHING Kanye set at Glastonbury | A Lee Nelson Apology

FIFA World Cup 

Here posing as his character Jason Bent (from Lee Nelson’s TV show), the prankster attempted to board the plane taking the 2014 England World Cup squad to Brazil. Seriously. Dressed in a similar suit to the players, he got eventually got ed away by the police before he could board the plane… still manically waving his passport.


Sepp Blatter cash flow

FIFA official Sepp Blatter got a shock when preparing to give a press conference in 2015 when Brodkin entered the room and began throwing cash at him.

Sepp Blatter Has Money Thrown At Him By Lee Nelson

Volkswagen Launch

In March 2016, Lee Nelson turned up at Geneva motor show to interrupt Volkswagen board member Juergen Stackmann during the festival’s opening in protest of the brand’s new launch.

"I have the new cheat box": Comedian interrupts VW launch in protest

Donald Trump

Want to get then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s attention but don’t know how? Simple! Pelt him with golf balls when he comes to Scotland during his presidential campaign!

Simon Brodkin Pranks President Trump With Swastika Golf Balls! | Balls Of Steel | All 4

Arresting times in London’s Oxford St

Looking for ways to plug your new DVD? Lee Nelson went to extreme levels of self-promotion by stealing copies of his own DVD from HMV on Oxford Street… and nearly gets himself arrested!

Lee Nelson nearly gets arrested

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